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Further research now points to her living as a maroon for sometime and being from St Thomas Parish prior to being a Maroon escaped slave.

When the plantation owners thought she arrived may be incorrect as she could have been part of the maroon family and lied about how long she had been on the island as to not expose the truth of the Maroons who had been there as early as the mid to late 1500.

The dates on record don’t add up I estimate she was born around 1750 either in Africa as recorded or Maroon Town.

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The book also states “The Scott’s Hall Maroons were bound by a 1739 treaty to keep the peace and supress the war” and this explains why when my 6x great grandmother and her children were recaptured it said the maroons brought her in.

The Maroons who signed a treaty had to abide by the rules of the officials who granted the land.

There were people on the island before Christopher Columbus got there.

She would have likely escaped to West moreland and or Trelawny Maroon area across the island where I have family who have lived there for hundreds of years according to their birth records and family oral story.

This line of family were Catholic and possibly Jewish in the past.

I have always wondered why a particular line of my family took part in the Catholic traditions.

A minority of slaves originated from other regions of Africa, including the Congo and Madagascar; they were known as Coromantie or Koromantee, and were considered ferocious built by the English between 16 and sits on a hill in Kormantin-Abandze in the Central Region of Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast).

In 1661, the Royal African Company obtained ownership of the fort, and it became the headquarters of English Gold Coast activities until 1665 when Dutch Admiral Michiel Adriaensz De Ruyter captured the fort after a This West African map shows there was a St Thomas in the bottom right corner a tiny Island. It is quite possible that my Spanish ancestor came from this Island.

She had a life as a Maroon on a different plantation that she fled prior to the records at St Mary.

As in most cases the records compiled by the British Scottish and Spanish only begin when they believe the natives got there.

Most died, but in the early 17th century “the local bishop noted with disgust that there were still Jewish observances on the island and returned to Portugal because of his frustration with them.”Although Jewish practices faded over subsequent centuries, there are people in São Tomé and Príncipe who are aware of partial descent from this population.


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