Who has it easier when it comes to dating

By realizing that , you can put aside the jealousy and try to minimize the pain.

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By helping him pick up the pieces and put things back together again, you can actually rebuild a new relationship and a future together. Instead of thinking about your ex with this other woman, try to concentrate on your end goal: getting back together.

Instead of envisioning the two of them kissing, hugging, and everything else, think ahead to the time in the not-so-distant future when the two of you will be wrapped in each other's arms again.

By learning all you can here, you can actually recreate the magic that occured at the beginning of your relationship, attracting your boyfriend back to you all the more quickly.

Even though most rebound relationships fall to pieces rather quickly, there's always the occasion where one sticks.

Instead, your ex chose to quickly in order to move forward with his new girlfriend.

In the hurry to do this, he probably didn't bury those emotions very deep.

Additionally, there's a good chance your ex was thinking a lot about you during the time he was dating his new girlfriend...

especially toward the end, when he realized things just weren't working out.

Since almost every rebound relationship fails at around week five or six, you can use that failure as a way back into his heart again.

As your ex's new relationship crumbles away, he'll be looking for someone to talk to.

But believe it or not, your ex boyfriend getting involved in a rebound relationship is actually .


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