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The actor happily related on Wednesday that he and Reyes are forming closer ties with each other's family members now that they are in a relationship. It's just so perfect I guess because of the friendship," he said. Derek Ramsay has just admitted that he is dating someone — and it is NOT Kris Aquino.

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Explaining why their turn as lovers was uenexpected, Ramsay said, "Wala naman kaming intention, eh.

Ang intention namin, maging magkaibigan." Asked whether he is in good terms with Cruz, who remains to be good friends with Reyes, Ramsay said, "There's definitely no bad blood between me and Rayver." "Rayver and Cristine have been separated for a while, I've been separated for a while," he added.

Having her around just lifts everyone's mood, so we're very lucky." Morey believed that she "wore down the writers" to give Sonya and Toadie a baby.

She commented "After everything they have been through, it just seems like the most natural thing for these characters." A Soap World reporter said "Toadie is in agony until Karl finally reports that little Nell is healthy and happy.

“It was a hard day for both of us, you had your personal issues & so did I…

But you were there for me & I was grateful you gave me the chance to be there for you… And now we can add chocolate marble & French Fries to that list…,” Aquino said in her Instagram post.Reyes and actor-dancer Rayver Cruz, in January 2013, made a televised announcement of their separation, which happened last year.Ramsay and actress Angelica Panganiban, on the other hand, broke up in February 2012.Ramsay said he and Aquino have been friends since they started the San Miguel beer commercial.The actor also said he and Aquino have been exchanging views on a variety of topics.“I asked her advice the other day from something, that’s why she posted, ‘Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be there for you also’ ‘coz I’m really there for her,” Ramsay said.

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