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Conclusion This (yet to be fully released) program is perhaps David Tian's magnum opus.This product represents the culmination of many years of research and coaching that has lead David Tian and The Aura Dating Academy to produce an immaculately designed dating/ confidence/ attraction system for men.

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The program represent the first major release within the men’s dating niche in over a year and is set to be the highest production quality program to date.

The program is focused on teaching men to become more attractive through proven psychological engagements and personal changes.

While I have always had no shortage of women around me, I never truly felt in control of my emotions and choices, and often found myself reacting to the 'issues' and games that women were engineering.

David taught me how to build a bulletproof inner frame, and now I have full control over my dating life - I have hot girls lining up to have sex with me and I find that I am able to choose what kind of relationship(s) I want with whatever woman I want.

A man’s attractiveness is directly related to his level of self-fulfillment.

The more passionately he pursues his life’s deeper purposes, the more attractive he will be to others, and more importantly, the more meaning and fulfillment he will experience in life.” David Tian, Ph.

A rare gem in an often overcrowded market, this product represents a high standard for dating products everywhere.

was born in Taiwan to a conservative Christian Taiwanese family and spent his early developmental years growing up in Kansas City, Missouri and then later Toronto, Canada.

In conversation, gain respect and admiration, while at the same time generating rapport, comfort, and loyalty.

True success in dating and relationships can only come from a foundation of confidence in who you are and what you stand for in life.

The program was shot over a 4 day seminar in 2015 in Singapore using state of the art recording equipment.


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