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Laurentia, Baltica and Amazonia maintained this configuration until the final breakup of Rodinia with the opening of the Iapetus Ocean at the end of the Neoproterozoic.

THE INFLUENCE OF WESTERN ESOTERIC MOVEMENTS ON MODERN THOUGHT: A CONFERENCE FOR SCHOLARS AND PRACTITIONERS July 22-25, 2010 Through scholarly research, the interaction of Western Esotericism with the mystical traditions of organized religion has been recognized to be extensive.

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He will also address the topic of participatory knowing and the importance of paranormal perceptions as an adjunct to reincarnational theories in western esotericism.

Five explicit examples of theories on reincarnation will be presented: Plato, Origen, the Cathars, Jan Baptist van Helmont, and H. Each example will be contextualized by culture and the religious environment to demonstrate issues of contestation or marginalization.

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Both can be attributed with shaping the human experience of the Divine within a specific time and both offer a map for a journey of self discovery.

Both are structured as 12 sequential progressions to wholeness.

Further, and less well known, is the often pivotal role esoteric groups and beliefs have had in shaping the modern world as a whole, while remaining “Hidden in Plain Sight.” We invite you to this conference to join with other scholars and practitioners within the field of western esotericism in exploring the substantial influence this tradition has on modern thought.

In addition to the opportunity to share our research and practice within the realm of western esotericism, we envision the weekend as an opportunity to celebrate the many facets of this tradition.

The presentation also examines various strategies that the author and other faculty members have successfully utilized to bring the richness of esoteric traditions into their classrooms. D’Amato, CCHT: Debby Barrett holds a Master of Divinity, from the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA and a B. in Religious Studies and Koiné Greek from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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