Vh1 dating show why am i still single

Now Siggy and her brazen team of love pickers get ready to show the world their skills in the premiere of Why Am I Still Single?!

Matchmaker Siggy Flicker has teamed up with VH1 for a new dating show that promises to rescue desperate singles from a life of loneliness.

Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress of all time, I am so infatuated with her, and on my best day I think I look like her.

Remember when Demi Moore moved away for a year to raise her kids?

[Lindsay] needs to get out, she needs to be in an environment that does not entice her and make her do the things she shouldn’t be doing.

I know they are having problems now, and I really think that 7 years together is like 107 years together in Hollywood time.

It’s really hard in the industry, so I see them working it out.

A divorce with two kids, Siggy and her zany staff star on the new docu-series “Why Am I Still Single?! I have been doing it for 20 years -- life coach, matchmaker, love coach.

My marriage was falling apart, so I found myself back in the dating world, going on date after date, applying my own lessons and practicing what I preach.

Siggy has used her own experience in finding true love (yes, she did!

) and her masterful ability to read people in becoming one of New Yorks most successful matchmakers.

You think you’re in a candy shop, ADD always looking around.” After the third time he did it I had to leave him in the restaurant.

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