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So this is something that we want to use to assist you in that regard.

And then finally I will have my last remarks that I think are something that are points that I think you should also consider before we sit down. Not let me start with my biggest fear and that is that this case deals with so much emotion.

The state after we’re done will then be able to get up and have a, what’s called a rebuttal argument.

So really the key question as it relates to all manslaughter, child abuse, and murder charges that you’re going to be presented with is how did she die? What is proven beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt? This is our opportunity to show you and explain to you what we think the evidence showed in this case.

There’s no doubt about it and that is not disputed by anyone. We can go on and speculate all day long as to the different theories that were posed before you, as to the different possibilities. But yet with all of the resources and used not only established areas of forensic science but created new ones, ones that were never testified before in front of a jury.

But to parade her up here to invoke your emotion would be improper. But the truth of the matter is, is it must be what was proven. You are the first jury to ever here some of the evidence in this case, this type of evidence, air evidence, the very first.

And then I want to talk about the defense’s case, the presentation that we put on even though we weren’t required to do anything, even though the law says that the defense has no burden and does not have to prove anything. Mason will get up and explain what the charges are and explain what must be proven and also explain the judge’s instructions to you and how they apply to the defense’s case, how they apply to the state’s case, to try and give you an understanding.

We realize while you’re all very educated people you’re not skilled in the area of the law.

It was specifically directed at the child abuse charges. You saw during those 30 days every movement of where Casey went and every single thing she did and if there was one instance of child abuse you would have heard it. You would have been able to, it would have become clear. They will see, there will be broken bones at times. But there was nothing other than the fact that this child was loved and well taken care of and from one moment to the next something happened. Something changed that will forever change the life of Casey Anthony and something forever changed that ended the life of Caylee Anthony. We can get away with that if we paint her in a certain light that has nothing to do with the evidence and more to do with who she is.

We were here for a couple of months, six weeks as Mr. But you didn’t hear one single instance having anything with to do with child abuse. And this prosecution was geared in such a manner that it was deliberate. So when you look at these child abuse charges ask yourself when did someone get on this stand and tell me or demonstrate in any way that Caylee was abused. I told you at the very beginning of this case that this was an accident that snowballed out of control. Ashton said and ask you not to speculate as to that fact. And what’s unique about the car is again what I told you at the very beginning.

And as I mentioned that is going to be the toughest time when Mr. I know that there were times where every single person in here felt something deep down inside.


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