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One night I was curious after getting bored with lesbian porn as to what is out there for a girl who wants to have a good time without the inconvenience of having a relationship.

She never asked but she took me to the train station.

I don’t know where she is now but she saved me life and she had no idea.

Well in high school at about 15 years old, I had a crush on a guy.

And one day he invited me over to his friend’s place to hang out.

I upset, returned, “shut up or will fuck you.” The man promptly accused me of sexually harassing him and said he’d tell the principal.

May a day or so later when left un attended in a biology class the quarterback came up behind me and thought it would be funny to pull up my skirt in a room full of people.

I guess his wife was out of town and he was interested in trying out some brown sugar.

I was disappointed but releived to know it wasn’t anything I’d done (and no he was not wearing a wedding ring when I met him nor when he took me out.) Fast forward a bit and it has been seven months now and I haven’t had proper sex in a while and honestly I am chomping at the bit.

After some back and forth where he made it clear that for him the thrill was meeting a stranger and fucking them with in minutes I thought “Hell! ” And made my arrangements to meet with him (including having a safety) the next afternoon.

There were one maybe two sentences and then I had what amounted to some of the best sex I’d had in years.

A few weeks later I was at outside during gym class and this guy was surrounded by a group a girls and they were talking about me.

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