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As new-born patron of the primitive arts, Pinkie submits her beautiful body to genital piercing and erotic tattooing, leaving indelible proof of her commitment her rebellious biker gang and a lifestyle of hard bondage and pornography.

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Cameras directly sex men

With a gorgeous young face, high cheek bones, deep blue eyes and baby soft skin, Cindy has an angelic quality.

At 5' X 7" she has a slender 24" waist and stands tall - wearing high heels wherever she goes.

At 120 lbs, with narrow hips and shoulders, Cindy has the figure of a model except for two things.

On top, her breasts are nothing short of phenominal - bulging over in a size 34 FF cup brassiere.

Then, a whole new world opens up when Cindy's younger sister Annie drops out of high school in Indiana and comes to Los Angeles with a band of bikers.

On a mission to find her younger sister, Cindy discovers the dark side of a biker bar where she gets into a slug-fest with a nasty biker babe named Karen.

Crowbar had promised a "shit kickin'" good time at the biker meet in North Hollywood and Cindy was ready for anything. "IF IT TURNS YOU ON, I' LL DO IT," Cindy giggled as she thought about the thrill of dancing braless and shakin' her ass in public for hundreds of rowdy bikers. At signals, the people in cars starred at her, some making rude gestures.

With a dash of make-up, Cindy squeezed her buns back into her tight jeans and stepped into her sexiest high heels - these were red open toe sandals with five inch spike heels. " exclaimed Crowbar - his eyes wandering from her tight crotch, to her fantastic tits, to her sexy red "fuck me" high heels and back up to her pretty young face and sparkling blue eyes. Others pretending not to see her lewd posture as she splayed her legs openly on the back of Crowbars bike while the vest pulled itself open leaving the swollen curves of her soft boobs generously exposed for the whole world to admire.

After brutally fighting the bitch in public and getting her tank top ripped off in front of a few dozen bikers, Cindy discovers her pent up lust for savage cat-fighting and raw exhibitionism.

Cindy's prize for beating the biker bitch, is Karen's boyfriend Crowbar.

She loved the way the shoes accentuated her pretty feet and matched her red painted toenails. She was a biker chick now and that meant super "sexy" outfits all the time. "I WANT YOUR FRIENDS T0 SEE WHAT GREAT TASTE YOU' VE GOT! "SHOW YOUR TITS" read a sign held by a bearded biker as they pulled into the dumpy little park where the parking lot was filled with bikes and bikers. "STICK AROUND AND SEE FOR YOURSELF" Crowbar challenged him. " The contest began and almost two dozen chicks lined up to strut their stuff for the several hundred bikers who were hooting and a hollering as the first girl began dancing.

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