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Luis Guzman is in it and Eugenio Derbez who has a huge following in Mexico and Latin America.[My character’s] father ran a mechanic, body shop and he dies and I run it with my mom and brother.SBC: What’s your take on your relationship with Dwayne Johnson’s character in ‘Snitch’?

I spoke to this talented actress about her role in ‘Snitch‘, her hopes for the future and her next project loaded with Latinos titled ‘Aztec Warrior’.

Show Biz (SBC): What was it like for you when you found out you were going to be part of ‘Snitch’ with Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon? It was two weeks after I’ve done the one with Denzel, so I was on cloud 29.

I knew [it was mine] when I walked into the audition, I was like “sorry girls”.

Sometimes that happens, sometimes I know, sometimes I’m very clear about what my intentions are, specially if I connect with the character and then I just know how to be in the role, how to interact…in this case I was so clear and I was like [I got this].

Last year her role in Denzel Washington’s ‘Flight’ got everyone’s attention as she is nude in the first scene for a long time and has a lingering role throughout the film.

I had the chance to talk to her back when that film opened and now I had the luck to talk to her once more for her movie ‘Snitch’ starring Dwayne Johnson and Susan Sarandon; opening this Friday February 22nd.

I would love for him to see my work and flip out over it.

This is my fantasy: he would flip out over it and be like, “I want you to play an anorexic in my next movie”; and then I would have to loose weight for it and be embarrassed about how skinny I am and I would do it for the art.

In the film Velazquez plays the role of Analisa, John Matthews’ (Dwayne Johnson) second wife; their lives gets disrupted when his son from his first marriage is wrongfully thrown into prison.


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  3. Both pleaded guilty after police discovered videos showing their son being sexually abused by two American men: 35-year-old Jason Bettuo, a junior tennis coach from Michigan, and 38-year-old John Rex Powell, an attorney from Florida.

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