English horny chat sites - Accommodating persons with disabilities

Limited research is currently available that specifically discusses the role of gender in determining accommodation requests.

Balser (2007) outlines a number of factors, which may either increase or decrease one's likelihood of making an accommodation request.

Do gender differences exist in regards to the amount and types of accommodations requested?

Are women more likely than men to request expensive accommodations?

Open and closed-ended data are collected using a 20-minute structured telephone interview of JAN customers (n= 1,247; 44% response rate).

The results show very few differences between men's and women's accommodation request types, whether or not accommodations were granted, the costs of requested accommodations, and satisfaction with JAN.

Title I of the ADA additionally requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to any qualified individual with a disability who may be either applying for a job or already working with this company, agency, etc.

Reasonable accommodations are changes that can be made in the work environment or in the way a job is currently executed so that individuals with disabilities can be ensured an equal playing field in terms of employment opportunities.

Harlan and Robert (1998) additionally explored the question of who actually requests reasonable accommodations and found that women are more likely than men to make such requests, as women's disabilities may be more incompatible with their work responsibilities than are men's.

Employees may be reluctant to admit - to themselves, to colleagues, and to the employer - that they have a disability, or to request accommodations, because they fear that the claim will not be taken seriously, that they will be labeled a "complainer" who is just trying to "get out of work", or they will lose their jobs (Harlan & Robert, 1998).

The JAN website offers comprehensive information on the definitions of disabilities, the legal mandates regarding the ADA and other disability-related legislation, and the reasonable accommodation process.

Individuals may not only utilize the online resource but also communicate with JAN consultants over the phone, through email correspondence, or in live-chats on the website.

Employers may discourage or disqualify an individual from requesting an accommodation by claiming he or she does not actually have a disability and consequently has no grounds for making a request.


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