Define consensual dating

That’s where his son — a 2014 Concord High School grad and Ivy Tech Community College student until his jailing — lived before Judge Dennis Wiley handed down the sentence on April 27.In light of Zach Anderson’s age and clean criminal record, Wiley could have offered him leniency under Michigan’s Holmes Youthful Training Act, as his lawyer sought in sentencing. if you feel like something should, I feel like the lowest thing possible.” Her mom followed her daughter at the hearing.

The study argues that stealthing is an act of gender-based violence, and it likely violates several civil and criminal laws.

The study, by Alexandra Brodsky for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, is an important addition to the literature and conversation about how we define sexual assault, sexual violence, and rape, both colloquially and legally.

Not having the language to explain what happened can also make it harder to seek support for the trauma.

It is important to be clear that non-consensual condom removal is sexual assault: it forces people into a sexual situation that they were not expecting and did not agree to.

The Niles girl and her mom — whom the Elkhart Truth won’t name because the teen is a victim — even asked for leniency, asked that the case be dropped altogether. I feel that nothing should happen to Zach,” the girl said at the first of his two sentencing hearings April 13, accompanied by her mother. “I don’t want him to be a sex offender because he really is not and I know that there’s an age difference and I realize that (name deleted) was inappropriate that night, we didn’t know,” the mother said. And here is what I have to say: Our sex offender laws are cruel, draconian and not making anyone safer. It is time to demand our lawmakers stop peddling the idea that these are making our kids safer.

She continued: “I’m very sorry and I hope you’ll really consider the fact of just dropping the case. I hope you really will for all of our families.” Wiley didn’t drop the case and ultimately denied Zach Anderson HYTA status, told him he’s “darn lucky” he got the deal he did. On top of the shame, confusion, and trauma that victims of stealthing must deal with, they also face all of the potential consequences of unprotected sex, like pregnancy and STIs.One victim in the study called the act of stealthing “rape-adjacent.” Adding to the feelings of shame and confusion can be the fact that the offence was perpetrated by someone the victim had begun having consensual sex with, so the violation occurs in a situation where some level of trust has been established.Worse yet, Les and Amanda Anderson, who run a small Elkhart media and printing company, fear their son could face a lifetime on Indiana’s sex offender registry on returning to the Elkhart area after his jail sentence is up.“Here’s the thing: This mistake should not haunt him the rest of his life,” Les Anderson says from the family home in east Elkhart.Current affiliation: Veterans Administration Medical Center, Bay Pines, Florida.


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