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In the Navy we call it "losing the bubble"; not being aware of the tactical situation at sea can cost lives. Inspire a Shared Vision: It is critical in a crisis that we all share the same goal.

Although the general rules for leading in a crisis are different, they are not outside the parameters of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. And even though one leadership style does not fit all, when it comes to dealing with a crisis situation, we are fortunate to have a guide like to serve as the foundation of organizational crisis response and recovery.

Gordon Meriwether, a retired Navy Captain, is the Founder of The Uriah Group, a crisis leadership consultancy. During the closing session of The Leadership Challenge Forum 2017, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner challenged all of us to practice our leadership intentionally.

If you asked the people around me (perhaps depending on the day!

) they would say that I’m generally a kind person who goes out of her way for others.

I wasn’t being intentional about showing care and love to others at home and at work.

And the worst of it, I had to face a hard fact that I’d known but couldn’t turn away from after the Forum: I’d turned into a bit of a complainer.And many would say that I’ll do anything to make another person smile. I believe that it should all start and end with love.There is always room for it and there is no end to it.By being a bit lazy about my value of love, I had allowed my amphibian brain to take over and focus on what was wrong.And my mouth had been going along for the ride, too.A leader in crisis needs to be more aware of the physical, psychological, and mental condition of the team.


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