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The bounty hunter June, for instance, had a red tattoo depicting a coiled snake on her shoulders.An Australian man formerly at the centre of a global child exploitation ring has told the ABC he too is a victim of the same network of men.

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Although this tattoo marks the point of power, it also marks their weakness, as if so much as a pebble were to touch the spot, the bender's chi would be temporarily blocked, stunning their attacking powers.

Members of the Sun Warriors bore two red markings on their cheeks, foreheads, noses, and various other spots on their faces and continued to keep them on throughout several different occasions.

Chat logs also obtained by Four Corners show how men in his network discussed how to acquire children of their own.

Tail of the Dragon remained undetected for almost 20 years.

Four Corners has exposed Truong's links to a much bigger online paedophile network discovered by authorities in the US.

Truong communicated with the network from his home in Queensland.Different brawlers in Earth Rumble VI would sometimes possess different tattoos, body paint, or make-up.For example, The Boulder possessed a tattoo a badgermole on his back, a self-proclamation of his earthbending prowess, and Headhunter's face was painted as part of his fighting persona.The network was called Tail of the Dragon and at the time it was discovered by authorities in 2011, it had about 20 core members located around the world including in the UK, Lebanon, the US and Mexico.All had concealed their identities using multiple screen names and aliases.The Yuyan Archers bear dark red tattoos that run as a strip across their eyes and narrow over the bridge of their nose.

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