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Contemporary Roman writers often describe how the falcata had the capacity to split both shield and helmet.

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Any remaining good steel was reforged again through the traditional Celtic method of pattern welding the practice of forming a blade from several metal pieces of differing composition.

The blades were then forge-welded together and manipulated to form a pattern, making it considerably harder.

Blades were double-edged and straight, and made from pattern-welded iron or steel. Many finely worked hilts also feature human heads and other anthropomorphic and zoomorphic motifs.

A standard battlefield weapon for the Celtic warrior, the Celtic spear or javelin normally comprised an ash wood pole around 2m (6.5ft) in length, fitted with a large iron, leaf-shaped and socketed spearhead.

Once they had thrown all the spears at the enemy, they would retrieve them from the ground or their opponents bodies.

The city of Rapperswil-Jona with its gorgeous leisure district and inviting Riviera has been the host city of the IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland dating back to 2007.If the data is lost from a trashed CD, DVD or even the new Blu Ray Disc, Iso Buster will help recover the deleted files from Hard Drive, Flash media, memory card and more.The users can save their important documents with this application. With a large inwardly curving, single-edged blade rather like a kukri (heavy, curved Nepalese knife), the falcata was an extremely devastating weapon.Hilts were iron, hook-shaped and sometimes decorated with stylized horse or bird-head pommels.Spears and javelins were also carried in bunches by young warriors, or gaesatae.

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